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Freshpet®, the only U.S. manufacturer and marketer of fresh, refrigerated food for dogs, has created a foundation dedicated to supporting canine nutritional research in the areas of prevention, care and treatment of diseases in dogs.

“At Freshpet, we think of pets as true members of our families and recognize that they enrich our lives in so many ways,” said Scott Morris, co-founder of Freshpet®. “We are committed to making their lives better in any way we can.”

The Freshpet® Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization, helps to support canine nutritional research by raising awareness of canine disease, specifically cancer. Additionally, the Foundation is responsible for funding grants for comparison studies and clinical trials and for furthering canine cancer prevention and treatment. Grants will be awarded to veterinary colleges and research institutions to study the role nutrition plays in the prevention, care and treatment of disease, including canine cancer.

To raise funds for the Foundation, Freshpet® created Bark for the Cure™, a five-kilometer run/walk for people and dogs. The inaugural race, took place in Los Angeles in October 2008. A second Bark for the Cure™ is scheduled for May 9, 2009, in Jersey City, New Jersey.

To learn more about the Freshpet® Foundation, what we are doing and how you can help, please go to 100% of all donations will go towards funding grants for comparison studies and clinical trials.


The Freshpet® Foundation was created by a group of people who are not only dog lovers, but also experts in pet nutrition. Many of these individuals have been touched in some way by disease or illness in family members—both human and canine - resulting in life-altering transformations for most. These transformations nurtured a clear and purposeful mission: to prevent canine disease. As they began seeking out ways in which to help, they found themselves collaborating with a veterinary oncologist who educated them on the pervasiveness of canine cancer, which is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of two. In addition, they learned that research findings are often reciprocal from human to canine and vice versa – so the efforts to help save canine companions may also someday help people afflicted with cancer. Realizing the potential for improving many lives by better understanding the causes of canine cancer and its treatment, Freshpet® committed itself to starting the Foundation.

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